Skipping Breakfast to Lose Weight?

You May Want to think Twice About Missing the Most Important Meal of the Day

BLOGskipbfastWhen you’re trying to lose weight, the idea of eating may seem counter-intuitive, especially when the concept of weight loss typically involves consuming less food and increasing activity to encourage a decrease in body fat and reduction of pounds. Although many people choose to skip breakfast as part of their weight loss regime, the notion of skipping the first meal of the day, or any meal for that matter, can actually boomerang and hinder weight loss. In fact, one-fifth of people habitually skip breakfast even though it is an unhealthy habit (health spot – breakfast).

When we wake, our bodies are emerging from a state of rejuvenation and rest. Eating a healthy breakfast can kick-start our metabolism and send a message to our bodies that it’s time to get going. It can also communicate to our bodies that it doesn’t have to hang on the calories as we aren’t in starvation mode. When you give your body a nourishing breakfast, you will set out on a course to burn up energy (stored fats) as you go about your day.

Research shows that adults who have been skipping breakfast for years are more likely to have higher cholesterol, specifically the LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. Also, adults who have a habit of foregoing a morning meal have higher insulin levels. When coupled with high cholesterol, these numbers can be a foundation for serious issues such as diabetes and heart disease ( Not to mention the fact that people who skip breakfast tend to eat more than they should at the next meal while noshing on food loaded with calories and fat in an effort to ward off hunger.

The benefits of eating a healthy breakfast include reducing hunger throughout the day, the propensity to make better mealtime choices as you go about the rest of your day, and having more energy. Also, eating a healthy breakfast may assist you in your weight loss efforts and help you maintain the healthy weight you worked so hard to achieve. The caveat is that you need to eat something healthy for breakfast and not just grab the first sugary item you find.

If you’re one the millions of people with limited time in the morning, choosing pre-packaged and pre-measured healthy meals can be a convenient way to combat morning hunger and avoid starvation or traditionally fattening fast food. For example, companies such as Eatfitters in Houston, TX suggest inventive ideas for nutritious breakfasts on the go by offering a variety of pre-packaged and portion-controlled meals. Since each serving is a perfect combination of carbohydrates, protein and fats, you will reap the benefit of sustained energy throughout the day and feel satiated enough to make good food choices going forward.

Mornings may always be busy, but they don’t have to be empty or laden with high fat and unhealthy choices. Be sure to enjoy a healthy breakfast and fill your tank with the nutrients your body needs to fuel your day and support a healthy lifestyle.