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Go5Say goodbye to weekly trips to the grocery store and countless hours spent in the kitchen with the Go5 Plan. Pick up five full days of food (Monday-Friday) with one quick stop at Eatfitters and reap the benefits of a customized meal plan during the weekdays. Then, treat yourself during your well-deserved weekends. This plan is a great way to start losing 2-3 pounds per week.

Create your own or work with our in-store nutritionist to choose from over 50 healthy, nutritious meals to develop a plan that tastes good and feels great. For $165, you’ll get five days of three delicious, medium-sized meals and two snacks daily. Upgrade to large-sized meals for just $10 more.

The Benefits

  • One flat rate guarantees 5 complete days of nutritious, flavorful meals.
  • Replace your trips to the grocery store with one quick stop.
  • Be good all week so you can be a little naughty on the weekend.
  • Enjoy a healthy, satisfying, and balanced diet.
  • Utilize more free time to exercise and stay active.
  • Begin losing 2-3 pounds per week or maintain a healthy weight.
  • Get the right nutrients for the energy and sleep your body needs.
  • Build a better metabolism by eating right and at regular intervals.

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