Go21 Plan – Success in Just Three Weeks!

BLOGgo21Imagine three weeks from now, you step on the scale and see that the number has dropped. You have been sleeping better, have more energy and an overall zest for life. Picture feeling more energized, rejuvenated and healthier. If you have three weeks, the Eatfitters’ Go21 plan will help you get there.

Why 21 days? For decades, the notion of behavior habits has been a source of discussion. In the 1950s, the ‘from an action to a habit’ theory became a secret to success for people who wanted to change their behavior. When plastic surgeon Maxwell Maltz documented a phenomenon he noticed with his patients involving how it usually took them to get used to seeing the alterations to their faces, things got interesting. Dr. Maltz noticed it would typically take about 21 days for a patient to get accustomed to something new, whether a nose augmentation or even a missing appendage. Out of Dr. Maltz’s work came the notion that it takes about three weeks for a behavior to become a habit.

The Go21 plan at Eatfitters provides a fun and easy plan to lose weight and feel amazing in just 21 days. Having a plan helps ensure success since you’ve got everything all mapped out for your 21-day journey. You get to enjoy 21 days of freshly prepared nutritious and delicious meals as well as two snacks per day.

Along with access to nutritionists, you have the support of other professionals who follow up with you to support you on your lifestyle journey. In short, having a plan such as the Go21 plan sets you up for success!

Worried about boredom? Don’t be – the Go21 plan lets you create a 21-day menu that appeals to your unique tastes, so you’re always happy with the day’s meals. You’ll be armed with wholesome food prepared fresh for you and a game plan of tools to keep you on track and accountable on your journey. This unique plan has you nourishing your body every couple of hours, so you don’t go hungry, and that means health from the inside out. By following this plan, you will encourage your metabolism to reset and your body to shed excess fat – in just 21 days.

Starting the plan is easy – just visit the website to schedule a consultation with a nutritionist to determine your goals. You can visit one of the conveniently located centers and choose your meals or even order online. After that, your meals will be ready for pick up or delivery directly to your door. All you have to do is follow your personalized plan, and if you add exercise, you could lose between 8-12 pounds!

Think about it: 21 days from now you could be slimmer, have more energy, and even be enjoying better sleep. Don’t let another month go by without a plan for success. You can lose the weight that’s holding you back from your goals and form the healthy habits to carry you forward into a lifetime of good health. You need a plan to succeed – that’s why Eatfitters created the Go21 plan (see website for details) http://eatfitters.com/.