From Super-Sized to Minimized – How To Lose Weight with Portion Control

Losing weight and eating healthier isn’t an easy task. In our fast-paced, ‘more-now-faster’ culture, trying to eat sensibly and lose weight in a world of excess can feel like an uphill struggle. As portion sizes increase in America, we become conditioned to accept the larger portion sizes as ‘normal.’ Everywhere we look there’s a “super-sized” or “extra-large” option on the menu. In restaurants, the portions are much larger than they were years ago. In fact, portion sizes have continued to increase, and there’s no sign of the trend slowing down anytime soon.

BLOGFoodScaleThe sensible way to win at the weight loss game is to control how much you eat. Portion size is a crucial component to weight loss, and the size of the portions you eat will determine the number of calories in the meal. To lose weight, you must decrease the number of calories ingested and increase the amount that your body moves – this is the formula that leads to weight loss.

There are many ways to control your portions. It’s important to note that the size of a serving is measured using uniform measurements, but a portion relates to the amount of food you are eating at one time. For example, you can eat one serving but that serving size may actually be a large portion with a high caloric value. Since portion control can be confusing, you may decide to use a company such as Eatfitters in Houston, Texas (, that create delicious pre-packaged and pre-portioned meals. This takes the guess work out of healthy food choices and portion control. These ready to go meals are easy to pack and prepare without any counting calories or worrying about portion sizing.

Other ways to control portions is to share your meal or when eating out, order from the kids or appetizer menus. For example, you can share an entrée with your dinner companion or order an appetizer as the main dish, or even order from the kids’ menu (the portions are usually smaller). Then, round out your meal with a salad and dressing on the side.

Of course, adding movement to your day and increasing exercise will also help with your weight loss efforts. If you can’t join a gym or make it to an exercise class each day, just strive to get your body moving to offset the calories consumed. Many people have found that wearing a pedometer is a helpful and fun way to count the number of steps taken in a day. Another way to get more exercise is to work out with a buddy, or in a group as having someone to be accountable to can be encouraging. Finally, you can get the whole family involved by creating a calendar to track progress, using stickers for motivation. Or, cook healthy meals together in the kitchen and try out new healthy recipes.

As you go on your journey of weight loss and creating an overall healthy lifestyle, strive to choose wisely and remember that you have control over the portions that you consume. Just because we’re offered a larger size doesn’t mean we have to eat it. Find tricks that work for you such as using portion control containers or using pre-packaged and portion controlled foods. Add in some exercise and watch the pounds drop. By making small positive changes each day, you will get closer to reaching your weight loss and health goals.