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Fit for Life

Aging just isn’t an option and Eatfitters helps you tell Father Time where to go. See a reduction in health issues like high blood pressure and high cholesterol with our Go21 Plan! This 21 day plan helps revitalize your diet, invigorate your health and energize your body! Enjoy three fresh, flavorful meals and 2 snacks daily for three weeks. You’ll also get access to our in-store nutritionist who will help you create your plan as well as follow up with you throughout the process!

The Benefits

  • Conveniently pick up freshly prepared meals twice a week.
  • You’ll gain renewed energy for a body that feels good.
  • Nutritious meals throughout the day help you sleep well at night.
  • Restart your metabolism by eating balanced meals and snacks every 2-3 hours.
  • Combined with exercise, you could lose 8-12 pounds.

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