BLOGfastfood2Is Fast Food Ruining Your Weight Loss Efforts and Impacting Your Health?

Are you trying to lose weight and often find yourself under the spell of quick, fast food meals that are high in calories, but lacking nourishment? When you’re on the path to better health and wellness, it can be daunting to stay with your regime as the stressors of life impact your daily decisions about what to put into your body. If you find yourself in a constant rut of getting home from work, starving and stressed out and ill-prepared for the next meal, you’re not alone. In fact, Americans consume fast food at astounding rates – 8 of 10 eat it regularly (monthly) with half of those folks admitting to eating fast food every week (fast-food-truths).

Many people turn into the drive-through to ward off hunger and get to their next destination, and since our culture often revolves around lunches eaten at desks and kids eating fast food in the car on the way to soccer practice, it’s no wonder. Most people have an on again, off again relationship with fast food – the experience begins as something yummy and short-lived.  The results can include sluggish energy, tight clothing, high cholesterol, low self-esteem and poor overall health.  What’s worse, a consistent diet of junk food adds unwanted pounds and supports a host of health risks associated with the consumption of non-nutritional foods.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Once you’ve made the commitment to lose weight, having a game plan can help you reach your goals. There are a few simple steps you can take to encourage weight loss and get you on the right track to a healthier lifestyle. These steps include finding the emotional and dietary support you need, keeping a food journal, finding a workout buddy and taking the time to plan your meals around healthy, fresh and nutritious foods.

For example, the support of companies like Eatfitters can help you along the way.  Eatfitters is a Houston, Texas company offering a variety of healthy prepared delicious meals that put junk food to shame.  These appealing pre-packaged, low-calorie meals can be picked up in minutes at one of their locations or ordered online for home delivery– that means that you never have to make a run for the drive-through in a whirl of hunger-induced panic. When you take the necessary steps to eat better, get regular exercise and find the support you need, there is a very real chance of long-term success and peak health – so why not break up with junk food for good and make a commitment to yourself and healthy food?