Toxic HabitsIf you’re feeling dull or out of sorts lately, you may be weighed down by a toxic lifestyle that includes poor eating habits, lack of sleep or other unhealthy lifestyle choices that aren’t supporting your intentions for optimal wellness.

When your habits are conducive to optimal well-being, you feel at your best and can face whatever life throws your way.  However, when you aren’t resting properly, eating well and managing stress, you may suffer from skin conditions, excess weight gain, sleep deprivation, bloating, body aches and digestive issues. If you find yourself in a wellness rut, it may be time to add a detox to your routine.

What is a detox? For centuries, many cultures have relied on a detoxification process to nourish and cleanse the body both inside and out. When you detox your body, you’re essentially removing the contaminated elements and replacing them with nutrients to support healthy function of internal organs, and supplementing any vitamins and nutrients that you may be lacking. A regular detox program can enhance your health by fueling the body and strengthening the immune system, which in turn protects you from diseases.

Don’t let the idea of a detoxification process scare you – it can be an easy way to help the body gently eradicate toxins. The liver acts as a filter for the body by absorbing any contaminated components so they don’t become reintegrated into the body. The body can usually detoxify on its own via the skin, kidneys, lymphatic system and intestines. However, when your system overloads from too much sugar, environmental stressors and alcohol, a detox can restore your body to its natural balance.

The easiest way to begin is to lessen your exposure to alcohol, tobacco, saturated fats and refined sugars. Be sure to drink plenty of filtered water and break a sweat each day. While the some say folks should try a detox every 12 months, it’s important to check with your health practitioner before starting any new food protocol.

In the meantime, you can support your body’s natural detoxification process by supporting your internal systems with fresh, whole foods.  Also having healthy eating habits such as consuming only fresh foods can increase the effectiveness of your body’s detox system. Now, eating healthy has never been easier. For example, companies like Eatfitters in Houston provide healthy meals and healthy meal plans that are pre-package clean meals.  Their meals are low in fat, high in protein, low in sodium and taste good.  They will even deliver directly to your door.  The idea is replenish your body with food that will provide you with energy and good nutrients.

When you’re ready to recharge and reset your body’s natural purification system, it makes sense to give a detox program a whirl. You can kick start your journey to a new you and encourage weight loss the natural way. Also, when you focus on eating whole and unprocessed foods, drinking fresh filtered water and limiting toxin exposure, you will enjoy restored energy. A gentle detox can be just the ticket to banish the blues, send sluggishness packing and revitalize your life and your health.