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It’s Personal

SamSam Jaoude started Eatfitters for personal reasons. About ten years ago, Sam’s health started to deteriorate and some would have called him a borderline diabetic. His cholesterol was high, his blood work showed he had high triglycerides, and he felt like he couldn’t seem to get his health on the right track. After struggling with these complications, Sam decided to take matters into his own hands and begin Eatfitters.

He kept finding himself trying to adhere to healthy diet but felt it was impossible to find a healthy place that was REALLY HEALTHY to eat. He even admits, what made it worse was that he didn’t even know how to cook! … “I had to depend on places that made healthy food; My journey showed me that healthy food places really weren’t healthy.”

Sam found himself in shock that healthy food places that called themselves healthy, were not. “Really, they were just using the word healthy, but not applying it… and there was no flavor in the food. It was the same meal always, ‘turkey and brown rice and brown rice and turkey.’’

So, he decided to start Eatfitters. He said that even though his friends thought him to be insane getting into the food businesses, he didn’t care because he was determined to make a difference.

Sam now uses his business as a benchmark of holistic health standards and applies his twentyfive years of prior corporate America experience and standards to the practice of running Eatfitters. The same standards of excellence and personal attention he prides himself in he has used and translated into the motto and culture of Eatfitters.

Currently Eatfitters has two locations with an online delivery service.

Sam is proud to say that, “I eat here, my family eats here, and I consider this my family business and legacy, and the food WORKS. I was able to drop my triglycerides by 70%, cholesterol by 30%, and boost my HDL by 50% by just basically living on my food with no supplements and no prescription drugs.”

“In fact, I had to fire my primary physician and replace him with a good nutritionist. What people need to realize is that we need to practice preventative medicine instead of waiting until it’s too late; what we don’t realize is that good food (good nutrients) can heal your body!”

You are what you eat.

~Sam Jaoude

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